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Daniel Tirado

Architect, Engineer in Designate Industrial


Puerto Cabello, august 27, 2014



Puerto Cabello is one of the most important cities in the tourist sector of the central region of Venezuela, for that motive the importance to develop the public services, to guarantee the collective convenience, the intention is to give him the privilege as that this type of city asks for its routines to so national level international.

In the case of Puerto Cabello, it is necessary to realize some attractive projects for the development of the city, applying him advanced technology for the modernization of this so important public space for the place, as it is the area situated in front of the Hotel Sunflower of Puerto Cabello, being situated with great precision among the elevated one of the avenue the Paz and the elevated one of the Amazed highway – Soft to the height of the whole residential Puerto Dorado.

The project approximately consists of 35.549 m2s which will be the propitious public space to give the welcome one to the so national tourist as international, it will be the greatest source in Latin America and the only one in southern America of this type, comparative with the technology applied in the greatest source of the world situated in the Arabic Emirates Dubái and the greatest second of the world situated in Innevato USA hotel Bellagio Her Lowlands.


We report there to the technology applied in the sources dancing of the Dubai, concretely to the artificial lake of the Burj Khalifa, where we find the show of the sources dancing, a system illuminated for more di 6.000 lights of colors and 25 projectors that do what the water, literally, dances to the rhythm of the music that can go at the most from the most classical thing modern passing, obviously, for Arabic rhythms.

The Source of the Dubai (Dubai Fountain), is a system of sources with a continuous choreography and is officially the greater dancing source of the world. It is situated in the artificial lake of the Burj Khalifa, in the center of Dubai, United Arabic Emirates.

It was projected for WET Design, the company headquartered in California responsible of the sources of the lake of the Hotel Bellagio of Her Lowlands. Illuminated from 6.600 lights of colors and 25 projectors that it is from far of 275 meters and it buds of water of 150 meters in the air, equivalent to a building of 50 floors, accompanied by a series that it goes from the classical one to the Arabic contemporary and music of the world. You/he/she was built with a cost of around 218 million dollars.

In the United Arabic Emirates, a lot of works limit him to the thing «taller», the thing «greater» and the thing «more rapids» of the world. «Dubai Fountain» it is the system of sources dancing greater than the globe. You situates in the artificial lake that unites the Dubai Mall, the greater commercial center of the world and the Burj Khalifa the tallest skyscraper of the planet.

The waters of the source reach the 275 meters high. Every day of the year from 6:00 of the afternoon to the 12:00 of midnight with songs every 30 minutes, the waters of the artificial lake keep on dancing to the rhythm of the music under the reflexes of 6.600 lights of colors. We can be enjoyed some dance of the waters with the musical themes as: «Alive for her» of Andrew Bocelli or «Me» I will always love you of the disappeared Whitney Houston, song «The wills always love you» in the film ‘You Watch of the body.’

The enterprise Water Entertainment Technologies Design would be proposed as the person responsible of the application of the system for the source of the park Recreational Puerto Cabello for the year 2012 and it would have a cost of 5.000.000 of dollars the most economic sources. It was requested with height of 30 meters and with an equal diameter to 60 meters for the same year.

Characteristics Technological of system

The Sources built for Water Entertainment Technologies Design it introduced cigarette holders of water of WET I enliven checked robotics, built for the enterprise of robotics Sarcos, the company it incorporates a net of pipes with more di 1.200 holders individually programmed that they do possible the synchronization of the system robotics of holders and the illumination being these coordinates with more than 4.500 lights. The nozzles are harmonized with the music and they are able of to shoot water up to 240 feet of height.

The sources are operated for compressed air instead of bombs, those that use sophisticated submarine robots for the synchronization of the movements to the musical rhythm, creating innovative and amazing forms that it is not seen in the traditional sources. Numerous sources WET take choreographic movement of the individual elements of water to a level of precision and varying movement that it draws near to the movements interpreted by the human ones.


Characteristics of the design of the cafeteria-ice cream shop:

In the boat with form of sail wind situated beside the ground proposed in front of the Hotel Sunflower, the cafeteria it is found – ice cream shop representing ground floor and before terrace and the area of the cafeteria calculated by 100 people.


First level of the second terrace, here the ice cream shop will work for 50 people inspired in a sail wind to be Puerto Cabello a coastal city. Such project has been released for being built in stainless steel being one of the principal characteristics the elevation of great trees in steel chrome plated that in turn they worked as it structures rigid who will act as great candles, those that acted as covered by the exposed structure.

Another of the activities of the project will be the area of information that will allow directing to whom visits the place and what the activities of the park are.

The source represents one of the attractions most important of this park initially conformed for two circumferences of diameters of 60 and 20 meters was later respectively modified leaving that of great diameter with throws of water with height of 30 meters and shaped for an important electronic team for its synchronized mobilization and its unfolding of lights of colors to rhythm of the issued music for the same system. For the sketch of this proposal he takes as reference the technology applied in sources, such as the existing one in the Arabic Emirates «Dubai» being this the greatest source of the world with advanced technology, equally him taken as reference the source of the Hotel Bellagio of the Lowlands USA considered the greatest second after that of the Dubai. For the sketch the depths of the swimming pools were analyzed, since this system according to the enterprise «Water Entertainment Technologies Design» it asks for two systems with bombs submergible Dubai and with bombs external low base of the area of the swimming pools of the source Las Vegas.

A footstep of skateboard, footstep for trot, three towers for climbers, footstep for a mini-train, 50 places for parking lot, landscape creeping type intercalating in the context groups of palms producing so an environment proper of the Caribbean tropic.

This project looks for to humanize to the city of Puerto Cabello modernizing it with a proposal of architecture avant-gardist that clearly reflects the desire to turn to this city into a tourist city to the height of the other tourist cities of the first world.


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Man is the case of Dubái with the project of the sources dancing

Dubái is the capital city of the Emirate of the same name, one of the United Arabic Emirates. It has less than 1500 km2 of area and it is geographically divided for the brook Dubai Creek, resulting in two visible regions: Deira, to the north; and Bur Dubai, to the south. It is the greatest city and the principal I bring some United Arabic Emirates, before the capital federal Granny Dhabi. Placed in the Gulf I Fish, it is the capital of the emirate of the Dubai, and it counts with more than a million inhabitants and in his/her metropolitan area it overcomes the 2,3 million. Up to 2008, its population was superior to 1,5 million inhabitants.

The show, technologically speaking, you/he/she has been considered as the most advanced. The Source of the Dubai, with its 275 meters from far it occupies an equivalent surface to two stadiums of kick. It was built to a cost of 218 million dollars and it throws of water can reach the height of a building of 50 floors. In clear days and when it works to full, it can be seen by a distance more of 300, three hundred, kilometers.

Inaugurated in 2009 spring, the Source of Dubái, Dubai Fountain, is the greatest and expensive of the planet. The Source of Dubái measures 275 meters longitude and contains 6.600 lights and 50 videos projectors to illuminate the water. Its propellers are able of to launch the water besides 150 meters high. The Source of Dubái is a system of sources with a continuous choreography. You/he/she was built to a cost of AED 800 million, USD 218 million.


fuente danzante 2. esta es la que esta en dubai


The Source of Dubái, in Arab:   نافورة دبي) It is situated in the artificial lake of the Burj Khalifa, in the center of the center of Dubái in Dubái, United Arabic Emirates. It was projected for WET Design, the company headquartered in California responsible of the sources of the lake of the Hotel Bellagio of Her Lowlands. Illuminated from 6.600 lights of colors and 25 projectors that it is of 275 meters, 902 feet, from far and it buds of water of 150 meters, 490 feet, in the air, equivalent to a building of 50 floors, accompanied by a series that it goes from the fact classical to the fact contemporary with an unique style, Arab and music of the world. It was built to a cost of AED 800 million, USD 218 million.


The name of the source was select behind a contest organized for the developer of Emaar Properties whose resulted you/he/she was announced the 26 October of the 2008. The test of the source started in February of 2009, and it was officially inaugurated the 8 of May of 2009 together with the ceremony of official inauguration of the commercial center of Dubái. The 2 January of 2010, the height of sources of Dubái increased 902, 2 feet to 275 meters.


Similar case introduces in Las Vegas


fuente danzante  _ caso similar se presenta en las vegas


Le Pianure is the world capital of the fun. Known also in the city of the Game, it can be shown by the sales of the thousands of cars slot-machine that dominates the city. It is the greatest city of the state of Snowfall in the United States.

One of the greatest attractions of the area of Her Lowlands Strip is without doubt the spectacular sources Bellagio, situated in front of the big homonym hotel. These sources constitute a show of throws of water, lights and music that it develops him on the enormous artificial lake from the hotel and daily creating audiovisual performances having as principal scenery the big façade of the Bellagio.

The show that offers these sources can be appreciated by different places of the Strip, and it has the scheduled time from 30 to 30 minutes during the afternoon and every 15 minutes lasting the night. One studied choreography of throws of waters they dance to the rhythm of the music forming columns of water that reach the 76 meters and that they emerge from the 1.200 diffusers of water, mixing between them 4.500 aces of light that play with them.

The sources have been installed on an enormous artificial lake of 36 thousand square meters that taken as I model a town of the Lake of Chest of drawers of Bellagio (Italy). The sources were especially created and projected for the enterprise Water Entertainment Technologies Design and he esteems that they had an approximate cost to the seventy five millions of dollars, being inaugurated in the anno1998.


Repercussion of this type of sketch in the local and international tourism

The local Tourism of Puerto Cabello would improve the hotel net of the city; the local safety system would necessarily be increased. It would increase the value of the immovable properties of the projected zone; it would improve the landscape of the suggested space increasing the respect of itself and the sense of affiliation of the inhabitant of Puerto Cabello hearing again the proud porteño of its city.

The International Tourism in Puerto Cabello produces the opportunity to lend the service of recreational tourism to level of countries as Spain, USA, Sudafrica to name countries with international tourist qualification, the consequence of these activities they produce great resources to hotel, silver wares for permanence and consumption of foreign citizens in the city, what in turn would be a strong economic income for the commune. It promotes the international flights, what would give importance to our international airport «Bartolomé Salom» and for by maritime it would connect us with the existing hotel lines in the whole binge of the Caribbean islands situated in front of Puerto Cabello.

This type of project will promote the recreational tourism of the city understanding him as tourism and recreation as those that define following the theorists according to, McIntosh and Goeldner, 1986, the tourism is composed of activity, services and industry that sequence an experience of trip.

In 1982, Mathieson and Wall they realize a definition enough similar to the anterior one. This way we see that they conceive the tourism as: «The temporary movement of people, for inferior periods to one year, to destinies pits of the place of residence and job; the activities it undertook during the stay and the facilitations created for satisfying the necessities of the tourists.


It was in 1991 when the World organization of the Tourism launches a new definition, anteriorly introducing all the positive points of the definitions exposed together and it clarifies all the aspects of the tourist activity.

«The tourism jointly includes the move and the activities that the people realize during his trips and stays as the relationships that rise in them; in places separate to that of its usual environment, for a period of inferior consecutive time to one year and minimum of 24 hours (staying overnight in the destiny); mainly with thin of idleness, for shops and others.

According to Buildings 2009 the concept of recreation is understood if we think that from the beginning, men and women they have been subject to different types of pressures that with the time they have created tiredness and therefore, discouragement. It is for what the people he has looked for ways to escape from the pressures of the diary to live and to give him spaces in which can lean and to enjoy.

According to that definition, to amuse must necessarily be included the fun or the to pass it well, with the objective to become distracted some demands, especially working and so to get a necessary relief to again implicate another covers of responsibility with renewed energies that will allow a best result of them.

While M. Mead (1957 whoever proposes that the recreation «it condenses an attitude of conditional pleasure that reports the job and the game.» The word recreation derives from the Latin: recreates and it means «to restore and to refresh the person.»

Gives the case of Dubái Emirati Arabs and The Lowlands USA it is important to appraise the geographical potentialities, cultural, tourist of Puerto Cabello, that without mentioning the wealth of which it is creditor this Venezuelan earth. It is time to invest in our territory.




Does the possibility exist to develop this type of project in Venezuela?

Venezuela is considered as one of the nations with great mining wealth of the world. Speaking of this country, it speaks of mining sector because the geologic origin of the country allows deliver the title Venezuela considering him/it a mining country, besides the oil obviously, for that that following we will mention some of the mining resources of this earth as the mineral one of iron, bauxite, gold, diamond, coal, manganese, chalk, nickel, zinc, lead and others.

Nevertheless, only its rich sedimentary basins are intensely explored in hydrocarbons, for learning more broadly the thing related to its crystalline and metamorphic rocks missing, particularly those of Guayana  characterized by the gold existence and diamonds.

It is not correct that such a rich country, its colonizers cannot enjoy any generosities that this earth has given us, when it speaks of public services we are always limited for presuppositions failures for the sketch and execution of works of opening to haul. It is for that motive the importance that the reins of our beloved country bring her correct men that think about our country above its own affairs. Because it is the greatest thing that we can leave to our future generations, a country for everybody, competitive where he rewards the excellence, and where importance is superficially given to the collective thing to the particular thing. What our political representatives are felt proud to use the public services. It is there when we will make us account that in the country is being needed.





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