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The Quizandal Spa is located on the main road Borburata, just 200 meters from the ‘Military Hospital Francisco Isnardi, located on the right and on the coast of this parish, is the Quizandal Spa, part of the San Esteban National Park Beach Quizandal consists of white sand which it extends from the tip of the Punta Guaicamacuto Quizandal and is made up of a completely collapsed spas and full of debris generated by the continuous deterioration generated by time. This is due to lack of maintenance that brings the result that the activity in Balneario Quizandal not covers the expectations of those who make use of their facilities. The abandonment of the services by the agencies in charge makes it unsuitable for the entertainment lending service for what was once one of the best resorts in the country space. «Municipal Tourism Development Company Limited». (FOTUMCA, 1995).

Today there is a global trend to encourage tourism as an alternative source of income, this is because the activities carried out to develop it, makes the most incessant city for his people, the improvement of urban services such as transport, roads, drinking water, urban sanitation, among others, allowing a better quality of life for the couple to generate the resources to maintain the benefits, creates the same way the progress and local improvement, producing sources of work, and promote the expansion of tourism and urban infrastructure.

In the industrialized countries see the progress of tourism as a source of income that seeks to harmonize the existing facilities with quality services that allow tourists to enjoy the most of their stay in the territory, allowing the state to get the resources for the maintenance of the  infrastructure and services, while the population can benefit from tourism, such as the food industry, crafts, souvenirs, accommodation, guided among others, that can produce economic benefits for residents of the excursions in the zone.

There are a lot of nations that have made the company its main economic activity, while others take it alternately, the industrial states of Europe develop in a complementary way, while other regions such as the Caribbean islands like Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, to quote some of it, takes only him as the primary option, finally, there are countries like Panama to promote tourism as well as other areas of the economy, with slogans such as «nothing to find a forest pluvial so next to the city.»

In Venezuela the tourist development nuclei are sharply focused and large investments costs, are in the east, in places like Puerto la Cruz, Porlamar, Margarita, Mochima National Park, among others, and of which the state Falcon refers to (Tucacas and Chichiriviche) with small outbreaks in the central states such as Carabobo, Aragua and Miranda.

Speaking of tourism is important to know its definition according to the following theory:

According to(1942) the Hunziker and Krapf professors at the University of Bern define the concept of tourism as follows:

«Tourism is the sum of the phenomena and relationships arising from the travel and stays (outside the place of residence) of non-residents, provided they are not attached to a permanent residence or gainful activity.»

In 1982, Mathieson and Wall have created a definition similar to the previous. Thus we see that tourism is conceived as: «The temporary movement of people, for periods of less than one year in destinations outside of the place of residence and work; the activities carried out during the stay and the facilities created to meet the needs of tourists.”

It was in 1991, when the World Tourism Organization launches new definition, introducing all the positive points of the definitions mentioned at the same time clarifying all aspects of tourism.

«Tourism includes the movement and the activities of people during their trips and stays, as well as reports arising to them; in places other than their usual environment for a period less than one year and a minimum of 24 hours of run time (overnight in the destination); especially for the commercial leisure time and other «.


Spa tourism is defined by the architect Hector Lopez as the leisure activities developed outside the city of habitual residence, in natural water places like the coast, the banks of rivers or lakes, hot springs, as well as in. artificial waters such as dams and pools.

The theories defined by different authors were exposed for a better understanding of the matters described and for the analysis of similar situations in South American countries relating to these projects.

In the case of Spa costs highlighted the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil entitled «Angra dos Reis»

Being this the favorite destination of the rich and famous cariocas, the archipelago has 365 paradisiacal islands, a lot of which can be private lavish summer palaces. Located only 150 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, Ilha Grande is the most famous and visited of Angra place with luxury inn and a very relaxed atmosphere. However, the navigation in the bay will reach even more exclusive islands with luxury resorts and private beaches. Among them, the island Pietà is considered one of the most luxurious in the world.

Another site under study is the water park The Geiser is located in the municipality of Tecozautla, Hidalgo, just two hours from Mexico City and Queretaro hour. This park is surrounded by a natural spectacle as it has one of the most imposing volcano openings in Latin America, where the 95 ° C hot springs makes it possible to develop a comprehensive concept of health benefits, entertainment, relaxation and fun.

The resort has artificial swimming pools, decorated with excellent landscaping plants in arid zones such as coconut, the dates, only to quote some of them. Buildings biodegradable structures covered with palm trees drawn funnel. Such constructions are circular plant with long bridges suspended in wood and ropes that are used to connect the circulating spaces  on the described swimming pools.


balneario chileno

In the Chilean town of Algarrobo

It is found the resort San Alfonso del Mar, which is distinguished by having the largest pool in the world. This place is a real holiday paradise located on the beach, apartments with two to five rooms, and whose main attraction is its large pool or artificial lake about 10 km long, with a capacity of about 250 million liters of and the water that comes directly from the ocean.

Inside the tourists swimming pool you can also surf the different types of boats, because it is very difficult to go full extent to swim alone. In addition to this place for recreation, resort guests can enjoy the restaurants he owns, cinemas, pubs, outdoor amphitheater, a nightclub, a large aquarium, play soccer, tennis, volleyball, etc., in their various sports fields, among others.


balneario chileno2


The projects described try visitor satisfaction both for its natural resources, as well as applied technology, thanks to large investments by the public and private sector, the aim is to ensure the comfort to promote the flow of tourists at the international level those lands, which translate into capital for both tourism businesses and the state.

Before the need for proposing a «Social Centre Recreational axis Quizandal coastal Long Island» follows with services to enjoy Quizandal beaches and comfortable transfers to the island of Isla Larga ranging from local infrastructure for others as thin as increased self-esteem of the local population that enables quality performance of tourism in the area.


quizandal perfil


quizandal perfil2


It provides security for visitor’s sectored activities with the demarcation of the area swimmers and boat traffic accident prevention among vacationers, minimizing the risk of drowning by building a dam, to provide appropriate assistance and transfer in case of accidents or injuries.

One of the most important factors is the level of comfort lend new facilities where first class attention for visitors to the spa is putting provide points of service (bathrooms, showers, etc.) distributed along the entire coast and Quizandal avoid congestion of people strategic points. The creation of self-service area and restore enable better customer service and meet more people in areas designated for that purpose. Maritime Station will allow people traveling to Long Island and elsewhere expect his departure in a pleasant atmosphere and can capture everything about fast, the food souvenirs, and route information they need for full enjoyment of the trip.

One of the most obvious possibilities is expanding the capacity of tourism in the area, enabling better care to more people, increasing the flow of visitors who travel to these structures that promote this area as a leisure reference. This re-evaluate this geographical area and the same structures, allowing investments in the city are attractive and profitable which results in the promotion of similar projects in the future might make Puerto Cabello in the development of tourism at the international level.

The project will allow the zoning of areas to produce such an order within the context that allows a better development of the seasons classifying such areas as marine commercial area, zone for swimmers, food service and parking. All interconnected in an organized manner for optimal performance. The modules are designed scattered all along the affected coast to avoid overcrowding of the visitors in the main building.

All activities for the construction and operation of plants engaged in commercial activity that leaves the tax revenue for the state, which can invest in better services to the community. Implementation of this proposal has the capacity to generate direct and indirect jobs since the start of construction until after the commissioning, for this activity a wide range of professionals ranging from architects, engineers, designers, builders , plumbers are required, electricians, and all other necessary for the execution of a work of architecture. And for commissioning it needed a new type of specialist in the field of tourism, security personnel and others who may sue for the proper functioning of labor. Create a connection between the people and the place, which generates an identification link, and improves self-esteem of those who live in the area, causing them to join the activity by bringing progress to its people.

Another no less important relates to the environmental benefits that can be achieved with the completion of this work, because at the moment there is no suitable space for the disposal of waste produced by tourists, the new structure will create an area to order to put garbage where it does not damage health or the aesthetics of structures and making the collection of waste and transfer imperceptible for tourists.

The project will be designed to run on Quizandal town situated in the north of Borburata parish, in particular in the coastal region between Punta Quizandal Punta Guaicamacuto, just 2 km from the naval base «C.A. Augustine cabinet», in the municipality of Puerto Cabello. The approach of the tourist center holiday will be proposed as an alternative for the development of tourism in the city. They were created spaces such as waiting rooms, for your attention and traveler Bather.

In this way it is avoided that, the travelers to the island of Long Island, are late to cause for the agglomeration of people in the activities of the station. The design will be considered as an architectural aspect, the element of entrance to the enclosure of attended with connection to the soft one and second element of exit with turned on to the enclosure toward to the parking lot. The waiting area will be calculated as provided by law with respect to the amount of site visitors.

It offers marinas with a capacity of 96 units are located in a place that does not allow expansion of its expansion significantly alter the existing coral in the area. The marina will be designed to achieve a draft of three meters (03 m). This requires a breakwater that protects and affects simultaneously the movement of ocean currents, making these beaches a safe place. The Navy would be oriented shallow draft boats (Yates) to exist in Puerto Cabello an international tourist commercial port. Self Service State International Marina Puerto Cabello (S.A.E.P.T.I-ground level.) Who in theory exists on the north side of the tower Bolipuerto. This terminal operating at the time lent long international travel arrangements.

The project connects the entire axis of the coast of what is now Quizandal. Dividing the coastal axis of the site into four spaces defined by the service nodes and connected by a would walk or pedestrian area of outstanding level of services provided for the restaurant, Nursing, gazebo, access roads, parking, seafood restaurant, coffee, meeting to wait, health, strategic point for maritime transport (moles), deposits for boats laboratories, recreational (disco bar) green areas (gardens).




planta isometrica


01 Services module.

02 Main Building.

03 Restaurants executive.

04 Boarding gates.

05 Landing room.

06 Lifeguard tower.

07 Tower electric light.

08 Area  tents.

09 Area of tents near the pool.

10 The pool area near the beach.

11 Ambulance area.

12 Maritime sports.

13 Area for maritime sports .

14 Trailer Parking Maritime sports.

15 Control module.

16 Parking Yates in water.

17 Yachts luggage.

18 Hardware.

19 Parking for stored Yates.

20 Services.

21 Amphitheater.

22 Parking for buses Amphitheatre.

23 Parking  Amphitheatres.

24 Parking public buses.

25 Parking of tourist buses Lines.

26 Put Bathers’ car parking.

27 Sanitary area  tents.

28 Waiting room inside circuit Social Centre.

29 Internal circuit Square area Social Centre.

30 East-west  routes.

31 Boarding bridge (Long Island) access.

32 Dock connector Curtains Bathers area.

33 Aquarium.

34 Parking Lot area tents.

35 Beaches Area.

36 Laboratory for Yates.

37 Maritime Sports General Administration.

38 Water management Maritime sports.

39 Parking of passengers of Long Island

Several tourist destinations have been found in South America gives us an idea of how they have developed neighboring countries in the tourism sector.  The countries with less economic to Venezuela and referred to as an international tourist reference resource.

Venezuela is characterized by its mineral potential and is considered one of the richest countries in the world in hydrocarbons. It is not possible that during the development of this type of project budget think when countries develop is precisely because of the significant plans and technologies designed to meet the needs of the group. A country that has the intellectual resources of its people and with sufficient economic capital to develop, it is not right to be in that condition is. This is why the need to raise awareness and to think that the wealth of a country is in its public services because they improve the quality of life of its citizens translates this into real collective happiness.