Welcome to N.M. C.A. architects

Welcome to N.M. C.A. architects


Welcome to N.M. C.A. architects

You are welcome to N.M. Architects, C.A. Our main mission is to promote urban development in society through the implementation of the proposals studied and adapted to the needs of both public and private spaces of the town. Through a qualified team in engineering, architecture and the professional team.

We are a company with social sense, focused on providing high quality, credibility and customer satisfaction; the maintenance of a human and social responsibility, but above all, the application of professional ethics and the generation of values, attitudes and trends towards culture parcel of the whole organization’s own disciplines.

While the organization consists of the following group, classified as follows:

drawing area

  • Architects
  • Civilians designers
  • Drawing


Area calculation

  • Civil engineers
  • Civil Constructors
  • The civil inspectors


Surface Construction

  • Civil engineers
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • foremen
  • inspectors
  • Workers
  • And so on


In engineering in industrial design

  • Ing. Industrial Design
  • Ing. Mechanical
  • Ing. Of Systems
  • Ing. At facilities
  • Ing. Robot
  • Computers
  • Workers
  • And so on



  • Graffico Design
  • Fine Artists
  • Painters
  • digitizers
  • Modelers


The organization is directed to the field of design and civil and industrial construction, both public or private management, Manufacturing, Marine, Port Operators, Business Services, Maintenance, shops and hotels, health care institutions, educational institutions, bank and insurance institutes , among others.